On first sight an inconspicuous project which challenges us time and time again. Such a complete case undergoes lots of development steps until it is ready for series production and before the customer is able to purchase and enjoy it. The complete interior finishing series is manufactured at our company and shiped all over europe or installed into one of our customers vehicles. Only the best workshop equipment and a professional team with the needed know how is herefore necessary without compromises.

the planning:

Until one of this cases is ready for series production it’s a long and difficult process. At first the first ideas are brought to paper on a drawing board. Ideas and experiences out of our multiple expeditions. Or also improvements at already existing elements which result from our expeditions. After the case has been thought through to the tiniest detail the single parts are taken into a CAD drawing program.

The complete mounting material must be perfectly planned before assembly of the case, every rivet and every screw, even the smallest elements must be thought through to the tiniest detail and most of all the quality criteria of the installed parts has to be checked in advance.

precision mitre saw

the prototype:

Cutting of the sheets is done fully automatic, the doors are being milled computerized. The precision of this CNC milling machine allows a manufacturing precision in hundredth range. Therefore the manufacturing of the single elements on highest level is possible and only thus the complex construction of our cases is made possible.


Expedition Big Case, Defender Interior Finishing...the bamboo table is hidden behind the noble coverThe mixture of multiplex boards with highly resistant surface and the riveted alumnium borders offer ideal conditions for offroad use and optically perfectly fit the look of the Defender. After all we don’t want to create a fancy living room at the interior, thereby the classy Offroader would become a camper. A little bit of luxury doesn’t hurt anyone but such an interior finishing has to be adjusted to the rustic-style of a Defender. Our mixture makes it possible.

A professional treatment of the materials is a prerequisite. A precisely calculated amount of rivets paired with high quality aluminium borders results in the highest possible stability without loosing the necessary flexibility for offroad use.

Every angle, every rivet and every board is calculated to the tiniest detail to gain an optimum of stability.

Expedition Big Case High Case, noble finishing and a lot of storage...Defender Interior Finishing-Offroad Hesch

After finishing the first prototypes some corrections and changes have to be applied before it’s ready for series production…..thereby it can happen that a case ends up in a bin.

To guarantee for the production under high quality standards we are working to meticulously precise plans. Therefore one case equals the other like identical twins and the elements are flush with each other without compromises. The only imprecision at installation mostly results from the high production tolerance of english vehicles like we’re used to it for years.

No components are produced in neighboured cheaper countries. Therefore production can be controlled locally and we safeguard jobs in our country which is very important to us. Extensive quality controls and our experience for many years since 1993 guarantee for products in highest quality, which can be enjoyed for years to come – „Made in Austria“ is our motto and we proudly hold the austrian certificate „master enterprise“.

Offroad-Hesch master enterprise - Made in Austria

fabric covers:

Did you know that there are strict regulations for which fabrics are allowed in the motor vehicle sector? We as manufacturers are responsible for meeting those regulations for our customers.

Lots of different fabrics - Defender Interior FurnitureInstallation Example Family Interior Finishing Defender, bed surface for two personsour upholsteries comply with the legal regulations

  • B1 – hardly flammable
  • Q1 – low smoke development
  • Endures abrasion cyclesof over 50000 cycles, these guarantee a long lifespan especially for the outback areas and after multiple washings


We clearly dissociate from cheap providers because they mostly fulfill the minimum requirements not even close. This is cleary seen at the abrasion, these cheap products often are scruffy or worn out after just one year.