Hubdach SKY Viision, Defender

We put a lot of thoughts into the development of our pop-top conversion for Defender 110. The name of our pop-top was the last thought we made.

Resulting from our multiple trips and expeditions we tried to implement everything that was mandatory to us. Thereby we sometimes discussed the functionality, sometimes the design but always linked with the safety aspects which have clear priority to functionality and design.

What’s the use of design when the most important safety aspects suffer from it. Our pop-top is made under controlled production. A certificate which is valid throughout europe sustainably underlines that. A testing coupled with associated stamped in test- and serial number indicates that the frames are made under controlled processes with CAD.

Certificate pop-top SKY Viision

serial- and test number,  pop-top SKY Viision

Our customers can thereby be sure that their investment in a pop-top won’t be regretted. Our production processes guarantee that the frames are always produced under the same quality standards – concerning stability as well as the quality of the welding seams.

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